To the TKS students reading this, let me preface by saying that this is about my 4th draft of this article. It is incredibly difficult to express the level of intensity that I experienced while making my first game. This is mainly due to how I’m a workaholic. To anyone who doesn’t know that means I work too much on my own accord. And I don’t want to paint myself in a bad light, but to discuss this you need to understand that anything as difficult as making a game from scratch, by yourself, while still learning how to use the software and program in the language, has its lows. I would argue that anything, especially game design, has its lows and the ability to work through those lows and work efficiently is the sign of a quality game designer, or whatever they are.

new Pistol animation (By Hunter)
Player 2 Character model (By Hunter)
Player 2 Character model (By Me)
Bat animation (By Me)
Bat animation (By Hunter)
M16 animation (By Hunter)
M16 animation (By Me)
ShotGun animation (By Me)